ADM and YPA Merge

The memberships of YPA and ADM have unanimously approved the merger of the two associations, effective on January 1, 2010.

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Valley Yellow Pages Working with Local Schools On Tree Plantings

Kudos to Valley Yellow Pages where a joint effort between Valley YP, the Sanger Chamber of Commerce, and Tree Fresno lead to students and staff at Madison Elementary School in Sanger spending Tuesday morning planting new trees on campus as part of a group effort.

Michelle Meisch with Valley noted that “…they wanted to do something to both give back to the community and reflect their commitment to the environment..”, hence the tree planting effort throughout the Sanger Unified School District.

As Meisch noted in the article reported at KMJN Radio in Central California, all of Valley’s books are made from 100% recylable and non-toxic materials.  Valley Yellow Pages expects to continue planting trees throughout their coverage area which stretches from Bakersfield to the Oregon border.

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Print Yellow Pages and Online work well together

21 Ways to Promote Your Site Online and Off
Alibaba News Channel
Don’t forget to put your web address in your Yellow Pages ad. That’s one place people see it every day. 6. Do you own any company vehicles?

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And advertise in the print Yellow Pages

Get Started This Weekend
Alibaba News Channel – New York, NEW YORK,USA

Trees make the earth a greener, cleaner, more beautiful place, but occasionally even the best tree needs a trim. Branches become diseased or damaged–and dangerous–or grow too close to power lines. And most homeowners lack the skills or the courage to climb up to the trouble spots and chop away. If you’ve got the right stuff–both tools and expertise–you can earn green with a tree-trimming service. Leave fliers on homeowners’ doorsteps, especially after heavy storms, and advertise in your local Yellow Pages.

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Gardners Looking for Plastic Drums? Check in the print Yellow pages

Source for 55 gallon plastic drum ? – Home Gardening Forum
By Ed Pawlowski
Look in the Yellow Pages under “Barrels or Drums” One of the big suppliers is US Plastic. They are based in Ohio but have distribution. I’d look for a used one if possible. [Only registered and activated users can see links.

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Print Still Generates Leads

Telmetrics released call tracking data showing that print Yellow Pages generates online leads.  How can that be?  I thought people only used print or online.

The company looked at leads driven by Yellow Page print ads. 44% of the leads were URL visits while 56% were calls – so half of the people that used the print Yellow Pages to find a source then went online. In other words, they started their search with print, not with the supposed solution to all mankind’s troubles — the Internet.

You can read the full release here.

Net net: Print isn’t dead yet. Not even close.  That’s why SMB advertisers continue to spend their dollars in the media.

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Knife sharpeners? Check the print Yellow Pages offered a great suggestion for a unique Mothers Day gift — get her knives sharpened….   And where would you find help with this —

Look in the phone book or on the Internet for places that sharpen scissors; they usually do knives. Craft and fabrics stores, such as Jo-Ann, often sharpen scissors, too.

Smart suggestion….

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